Alan Jones – The Enigmatist

Alan Jones – The Enigmatist



Enigma – A Mystery, a person or thing that is mysterious or perhaps beyond easy explanation


Enigmatist – A Presenter of Mysteries




Introducing Alan Jones, The Enigmatist. Mind Reader, Hypnotist, Psychological Illusionist and Teller of Tales



“Alan is a real witness his magic

will transform the way you perceive reality”


Jeff McBride – Las Vegas 

Alan has been a professional performer and motivational speaker for over twenty years he is, perhaps, the best kept secret in mentalism and mind magic!


VertBannerWith a number of stage shows, radio and TV appearances to his name, Alan continues to amaze audiences with his unique blend of magic, mind reading, rational-mysticism and thought provoking presentations.


From one-to-one close-up performances, through to cabaret and full evening stage shows Alan is able to tailor his show to meet the most discerning of audiences.


Alan’s blend of magic, mind manipulation and motivational messages have been praised by schools, colleges and corporate clients. What makes him unique in this area is that he has an academic background in education, coaching and psychology so is able to marry the magic with the message and the exposition with the entertainment.


His talks and workshops on aspects of the Paranormal have been in wide demand and his contribution to radio shows (both in the UK and USA) over the last few years has been extensive.


As a writer he has published over a dozen books on a wide range of topics including magic, mysticism, poetry and psychology.


Alan’s Stage, Cabaret and TV work has been praised and applauded by all those who have had the opportunity to see it.


As Alan says:-


“Performing for a live audience and responding to their thoughts, their reactions and their behaviour is the best!”


No show is ever the same since no audience is identical Audience involvement is not only guaranteed but essential.


As one reviewer said…


“This guy is one huge talent!”


Some have come across Alan’s work in relation to what is best described as Psychic Entertainment.


They have either seen his Psychic Presentations, or met him offering readings at fairs, functions and events.


Alan’s assertion is that being psychic is not about extra-sensory perception but total-sensory perception.


Alan frequently works with those claiming mediumistic abilities, such as in the show The Medium, The Mentalist, The Question, in which the audience are invited to consider information provided through mediumship and that provided through ‘total sensory perception’.


His professional and personal interest in the mystical tradition often means that he considers aspects of the paranormal from both RATIONAL and MYSTICAL perspectives – hence rational mysticism.


In terms of ‘readings’ Alan has developed something he calls a “Transformational Reading” which incorporates elements of myth and mystic symbolism with the ideas of Jung, Campbell and Freud so exploring the nature of subjective experience.


He is a professional member of the International Metaphysical Practitioners Association and the Centre for Shamanic Studies all of impa-pro-mem-badge300dpiwhich evidences the fact that there is something more than ‘illusion’ in Alan’s work. In many ways he is a modern Shaman and in this guise he formally practices and teaches ‘Healing’ and ‘Magick’ (in the spiritual sense) through the Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick (of which he is a co-founder and Elder).


You can read more about his therapeutic work and what he calls Personal Alchemy on his professional website Dr Alan Jones (yes he has a PhD in Psychology and is an NLP Trainer). The full scope of his work is outlined on


Alan balances his playful entertaining work with training, consultancy and personal coaching (which he terms Personal Alchemy).


Alan had what some have suggested is the longest running series of radio mentalism spots in the UK appearing monthly on BBC Radio Devon and Cornwall between 2009 – 2011. Since 2011 he has been a presenter (and latterly a Director) on Penwith FM (Community Radio).