New TV Magic Show

The Magicians

So the BBC is aiming to present a new series (possibly presented by Lenny Henry) on Saturday nights in the New Year.

The idea seems to be a kind of X-Factor meets Magic Idol with three maqic acts comoeting for audience votes.

So when is ever going to be possible to return to real variety shows when acts do not need to continually jsutify their existence to the whims of studio audiences but can focus on delivering good quality entertainment?

The speciality act is marginialised already – I mean with the focus on vocal and (laterly) dance acts, where can see see the kind of variety that I remember seeing on shows like Saturday Night and the London Palladium, The shows produced by John Fisher (which included the Paul Daniels show), Secret Cabaret, and dare I even say The Good Old Days.

Britains Got Talent offered some hope, but let’s face it the slant and bias is towards the ‘mainstream’. Cobtroverisally I think that this show should not allow solo, duo or group vocalists (they’ve got the X Factor!).

So now the BBC seem to want to bring back some kind of Saturday Night variety show but are unwilling to let go of the ‘audience votes’ mindset…

What a shame!