More like a Magician ???

This reported yesterday in Stourbridge News …..

“FINAL preparations are being put in place for a TV psychic to be buried alive for seven days on Friday in the grounds of the notoriously haunted Dudley Castle.

Back in January, the News revealed how medium and exorcist Ian Lawman will be buried alive in a coffin, six foot underground, to raise funds for The Blue Lamp Foundation – which supports emergency services personnel who have been criminally injured at work.

Ian, from Scunthorpe, will be lowered into the ground at 9pm with the hole then filled in with two tonnes of soil, before being exhumed a week later on April 8.

Ian will be able to communicate with the world through a live web feed and will be surviving on just four tablets a day, providing him with 2,000 calories.

To coincide with the burial, a special evening of paranormal activities has been organised by Fright Nights at the Castle Hill attraction, including ghost hunts, live music, clairvoyants, mediums and street performers, with activities also set to take place throughout the week.

Ian’s wife, Julie, will also be keeping a graveside vigil and there will also be paramedics and security guards alongside the coffin until the exhumation.

Tickets for the Buried Alive festival are £10 and are available at”

So a Psychic doing a Magicians stunt – ummm….. surely some questions about congruency, relevance and credbility arise.

Great cause of course, but….. just hope he’s had some good advice – there’s a death count to this stunt!

Anyway ….

What next Magicians being Mediums ???