Derren Brown – Svengali


Just got back from Plymouth after seeing Derren’s latest show!

Was it entertianing ?


Was it mystifiying ?


Derren asked the audience not to ‘spoil’ the show by writing about, or telling others,  the content, particularly the ending, and being one who loves the secrecy, spectacle and surprise of theatre I will honour his request.

The thing I love about Darren’s shows is the way they are structured. They flow with seemingly minimal effort an illusion maintained by careful preparation and rehearsal. Every movement, every sequence draws the audience in and takes them on a rollercoaster ride of befuddlement!

Watching Derren interact with nearly 3,000 people is an object lesson in audience management. He has the ability to ensure that each and every one in the theatre is intimately involved with the drama’s he creates. Often the problem with any form of mentalism is that is essentially a one-on-one performance. But Derrens; routines always create the sense of ‘it could be me next’ which of course engages all.

As for the specifics of this show – well I won’t be letting any proveribial cats out of any metaphorical bags suffice to say that it is a show of three distinct sections. A first half developing and extending the idea of being able to ‘read’ people by their reactions – super routines of the kind Derren is known for. After the interval we’re treated to a super bit of ‘history’ and the origin of the  ‘Sevgali’ idea is explored… this leads to a climatic effect  which, whilst not linked to the ‘Svengali’ story middle section, is as absorbing and thrilling as it is baffling!

That’s all I will say on the content!

Go see the show if you can get tickets – you will not be disappointed!

Derren’s Tour Dates can be found here…



Yes I can be a typical. ‘can I have my photo taken with you’ fan!

It was almost an hour after the show finished and Derren as gracious as ever was happy to meet and greet at the stage door…. a nice guy.

My expression?

Well one of rain swept confused befuddlement as the iphone camera clicked and I pondered ‘how the hell’ the sequence of  events which closed the show were actually managed!



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Mostly Mental

Hi guys so it’s finally here my new book MOSTLY MENTAL

Currently restricted release to those who can prove they are actively involved in magic and mentalism (at whatever level) and only from me (

Here’s what Kenton Knepper said about the first draft of the book…

“I see your work as an asset to many sincere performers. Your approach is not for the mildly curious, nor should it be. Congratulations on all your successes and many more.”

Some of the content of the book was delivered at a McBride Magic Masterclass event and here’s what Eugene Burger said…

“Alan Jones presents a fascinating lecture giving valuable ideas about magic and performance relating to his interests and training in NLP and education. Alan’s presentation is humorous, eye opening and well worth every magician’s attention. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Of the book Jeff McBride described the first effect as “GANGBUSTERS!!!” (which I have been told is a good thing).

So what’s in the book…

It’s an amble through some professional presentations of possibly well known effects but more… the book is about considering the performance of magic and the creation of moments of awe and wonder.

As a mentalist the content would best be described as mentalism or mind magic and includes approaches to commercial effects as well as a couple of original twists on classic effects. One of these managed to ‘fool’ both Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger and the attendees at a McBride Mystery and Magic event.

Serious enquiries from Magic Dealers welcomed.



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