Penn & Teller Fool Us 28th August

I’m not sure if I have missed any of these shows, but as the summer passes into a memory I find that the last show was nearly a month ago. I guess being so busy myself does mean that my TV watching has been limited – hey ho, at least I’ve been luck enough to be working.

So tonights show – well as usual I will be commenting in ‘real time’ as I watch the show with plans to ‘post’ my blog as soon as the show ends…

Here we go ….

Again …. “TV’s Own Mr Magic … Jonathan Ross” – oh come on guys…. Mr TV, Mr I Am, Mr Personality …. but Mr Magic!!!!

Enough, lets get on with the magic..

Lee Hathaway

“A regular ordinary deck of cards …”  come on guys that the best way to start?

The guys street experience really came across in terms of his attack and ”energy’ and the rather yukky plot was fun. I too suspected a deck switch so the solution ain’t as straightforward  as it first appeared… AND it would have been better to allay the general suspicion of a deck switch in the actions leading up to the tirck. I’m thinking ‘Will Decieve‘ or some other such softly breathed preparation on all decks (which were not sealed).

(Hope my suggestion is well enough hidden for all but those ‘in the know’ to consider).

Jack Taperell

A 14 year old wiz kid….

Just had a suspicion confirmed both Lee’s and Jack’s intro videos had sequences filmed in Davenports.

Great effect…. Nicely done my son !!!!

Laura London

Burned note to lemon-to-egg-to-walnut…. nice routine with multiple lemons. Shame that Jonathan Ross seemed to “steal” the best lines.

I used to do a burned note routine and watching Laura was reminded how commercial such effects are. I  liked the routine and the performance.

Martin Daniels…. yes Paul’s son!

So a return to ‘classic illsuions’ presented with all the pomp and circumstance… surely this won’t fool the magical duo – I wonder how much the asrah fools audiences these days?

BUT the switch for Paul himself was a great twist and a lovely homage to Paul and what he has done for magic worldwide.

Great to see Paul on TV and being magical again – It’s where he belongs. The ovation by Penn & Teller and heart-felt comments given by Penn to Paul was great to witness.

So before the break Jonathan announced the ‘underwater’ trick Penn and Teller were about to perform.

I predict a tank, a card selection and a drowning!

Brilliant ! Such a great routine – masterful.

I wonder if there will be some who call in concerned about Teller’s ‘demise’.

What I’ve found interesting about this series is the obvious difference between ‘great’ and ‘good’. I mean methods are fairly standard but the ‘something’ that elevates the ‘best’ from the ‘good’ is what it is all about.

Just how to ‘up your game’ and ”get to the next level’ should be the desire of every professional performer.

















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Summer Update

Greetings folks…

I can’t believe how quickly the time is going – I mean summer is nearly over and last night and the nights do seem to be ‘drawing in’ already.

The shows at Lands End have been going really well and the illusion sequence (BeJazzled) with the cube-zag and dynamite illusion finish seems to have been enjoyed by all. As I may have mentioned the ‘illusion thng’ is a bit of a departure from the ‘norm’ for me as I consider myself to be more of a mentalist and bizarre magician than a ‘straight magical dude’. I guess calling myself an” enigmatist” really gives me the freedom to ‘dabble’ in other areas of our art – heck it’s all magical entertainment after all.

With the summer season taking up so much of my time I’ve not really been ‘on the ball’ in promoting my book (Mostly Mental) BUT as the season comes to a close I will have a bit of a breather and catch-up on all of those projects that have been patiently waiting in the winngs.

These include promotion of Mostly Mental and the launch of the ‘on-line store’ part of this blog.

I’ll also be making an annlouncement about my Seance show (under the banner of Theatre Macabre) in the very near future…

So stay tuned and if you want to catch the last BeJazzled show then be at Lands End Attraction on the 25th August around 4pm.

More soon

Magically Yours


Lands End Magic Shows : Tuesday 23rd, Thursday 25th and Tuesday 30th of August.


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