A Repeating Theme

Hi again..

It’s been a month since my last post and for me it’s been mostly about preparing some new material for the forthcoming summer season. I have been mulling over the ideas about Magic and Meaning, so wonderfully expressed in Bob Neal and Eugene Burgers book of the same title and together with some of the more psychic entertainer style gigs I’ve been doing recently it’s becoming more and more of a question for me – and perhaps a mission!

That mission – to reclaim some of the history and relevance of The Magician in society.

The emotional impact magic can have on an individual is profound.

Now I’m NOT talking about using our skills to create illusions in which encourage audiences to believe in the paranormal or withdraw form critical thinking – BUT a moment of wonder and amazement can inspire creativity as well as criticism; awe as well as questions …

My recent work with a self-professed medium in which I counter his mediumistic demonstrations with psychological (intuitive) ‘readings’ has proven to be very popular. Such events allow for entertainment, questioning and ‘magic’ as well as satisfying my particular philosophy of Rational Mysticism.

So, a repeating question…

What are you doing to bring more than  a wry smile when you perform your magic ?

How are you reclaiming the power of the magician?

The Victorian Seance Recreations I’m working on at the moment are planned to be entertaining, informative (based as they are on historical records), challenging and thought provoking.




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