Ben Earl – Trick Artist

Saw the first programme in Ben Earls new TV series, Trick Artist, last night.

It’s going to be interesting to see what the general public think. I was watching it with a ‘muggle’ who, like a majority of TV viewers isn’t easily satisfied with hyperbole and ‘OMG’ reactions of selected members of the TV audience. He, like me, wondered as to the credulity of a spectator who was ‘wowed’ and ‘amazed’ by a paper shredder …. No no the effect using a paper shredder, but by the machine itself.

Audience reaction aside, which seemed a little too contrived, Ben has a great sense of style and flair and I can see him as the guy men would like to be with a little of the panache women will like.

Some nice slight of hand – I loved the cigarette paper to butterfly. The fact that this routine was performed in handcuffs to prisoners gave the whole piece a powerful subtext,

As for the rest, not sure there’d be too many overly excited magicians; a number of fairly standard effects dressed up in a frequently overly laborious set-up. The cards across routine he ended with …. Overly staged or what???

So, for me the high lights were the butterfly effect; the shredded routine (which would have been much stronger without the restoration – but that’s the mentalist in me); the bullet catch (with a far too static catch after a great set-up and no match for the Penn and Teller Magic Bullet and actually lacking the theatricality of Ted’s performances) ….

So be interesting to see where he goes with this.

One BIG plus – it’s great to see a new magic show on TV, with a new face.

Final comment from my muggle friend … “It’s Derren Brown without the psychology or eloquence and he does say he’s doing ‘tricks’ so its all fake’

Ummm ???