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Dynamo uses Tricks …

dynamo3d-p-home_5That could have been the lame headline on a yesterdays Daily Mails one page ‘feature’ on Dynamo. Instead they opted for “How does he do it?”

Which, perhaps is equally as lame.

First of all are good news stories so few and far between that a major daily paper has to waste column inches telling the public that a magician doesn’t actually levitate, or walk across water?


Secondly such reporting panders to lowest common denominator when it comes to engaging in a discussion of the magical arts. That being ‘I’ll tell you how it works’… just like the classroom spoilsport who decided to tell everyone in their class that Santa Claus did not exist.

I mean magic and the magical arts is about illusion, it is about suspension (or in the case of mentalism, extension) of belief. Does the Daily Mail really think it’s audiences need educating about the nature of illusion.

There’s also something potentially distasteful about exposures which are little more than ‘plot spoilers’ and written, in all likelihood by someone whose sense of mystery died when they saw their parents exchange their tooth for a shiny coin. This kind of YouTube Hack-Tell-All expose is a kind  of smarty-pants response which aims to steal attention away from someone who is trying to be creative…

If the only question intelligent journalists can ask is “How did he do it?” then perhaps they lake the inspiration to look for meaning behind the magic.

Do people really need protecting from the ‘lies’, ‘deceits’ and ‘secrets’ of performing illusionists? Would not journalistic commentary best be focused on those who create illusions not for entertainment but for political or economic control?

Looking today at The Mail on-line I see that yesterdays article and on-line follow-up has produced some interesting comments ..

My favourites include:-

how do any of u know 100% that it isn’t really magic, that Dynamo isn’t really magical?! look at a sperm and an egg, and then tell me that we humans are not magic?? this whole world is full of wonder and mystery, there are other universes out there, even Nasa admitt that there is only so far they can actually see into space, who knows whats on the other side?! we are all magic to even be here and be the people that we are… think outside of the box people, think outside of that box!!

See I like the idea that at least there’s some more interesting questions which can be asked when magic (as a performance art) can promote discussions as to meaning (of life).

It would be easy to be cynical about such a comment – but surely the idea of awe and wonder exists within science and well as mysticism?

And here’s Mrs C ..

Why must people INSIST on proving things like this as fake??!?! .. Why not just take it for what it is and enjoy it? I hate people that must ruin it for others, because even though everyone knows it isn’t real, it’s nice to pretend for a little while 🙂

Right On Mrs C …

Dynamo (and performance magicians in general) are not claiming they’re curing Cancer or have products to remove ‘toxins’ from your body or have discovered the elixr of life. These are the tricksters who would better be targeted by the journalist. Problem is that these folk aren’t such an easy target. Dynamo does not claim what he does is ‘real’ and so won;t get litigious when his (possible) methods are exposed…. some pseudo-spiritual quacks and cosmic healing gurus might!

The bottom line is, I guess, is this really news?

I was given my copy of the Daily Mail yesterday by folks at W.H.Smith, obviously some promotional campaign. I won’t be buying it in future, not because of the exposure (or not) of Dynamo, but because of the waste of column inches on trivia and opinion pieces. With everything in the world which could do with well written questions and challenges to authentic claims why focus on the legitimate (and harming no-one) methods used by an entertainer. Does the paper really thing anyone capable of reading it actually doesn’t know the difference between a ‘magic effect’ and ‘reality’ – Hogwarts and the Houses of Parliament? (OK, perhaps that one is a toughie)



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The Centre Newlyn

Charity Performance – Newlyn

Just returned from a good night at The Centre in Newlyn. A really appreciative crowd and some super entertainment.

Barbs Choir possibly one of the most original choirs I’ve heard with a set which included sings from Britney Spears, Timberland and Gotye, The young duo Theo and Georgia were great too. Nice original songs well sung and supported by nice guitar and viola.

Interesting to over hear he different audience reactions … with the choir inspiring comments of “original” and “harmonious”; Theo and Georgia acquiring accolades which included “lively”, “refreshing” and “ones to watch out for in the future” and me, myself, I receiving hushed whispers of “one spooky dude”, “we’re going to be talking about that all night” and “how the f***”

Kudos to the organisers for putting together acts which received some very different, yet excited praise. Thanks for the invitation and I hope the funds received were in excess of what you expected – it was, after all a great turn-out.