Now You See Me…

NOW YOU SEE MESo I finally got to see the ‘magic’ movie Now You See Me…

The last two movies I saw of any worth that focused on magicians were The Illusionist and The Prestige… both great period pieces and great stories. So I was hoping that this movie would give me the same kind of buzz.

Certainly the plot line was contemporary..

An FBI agent and an Interpol detective track a team of illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money.

And the only other recent movie I can think of having a magician/FBI plot was the entertaining NEXT,  with Nicholas Cage.

So what about Now You See Me..

Well it tells the story of four individual performers brought together in a rather interesting way to work on a ‘show’.

Calling themselves The Four Horsemen (great idea) they then perform a number of shows the climax of which is the theft of money and sharing it with the audience.

To tell you any more could be seen as a plot spoiler so I’ll leave it at that.

BUT – I will say I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

It’s fairly faced paced…

Director Louis Leterrier (of Transporter 2, Unleashed, Clash of the Titans and Incredible Hulk (yes the superior Edward Norton version)) choreographs some great action sequences and creates a sense of what a big budget Las Vegas Magic show ‘could’ be like.

I really liked the magic performance sequences non of which were beyond the realms of physical possibility – in terms of being able to recreate on stage.

The opening sequence features an audience participation effect which made a number of people in the cinema audience to gasp. Simple stuff which we magicians have seen a number of times and sometimes forget the power of.

There was also very ‘little’ magic exposure (ok the ‘mirror box’ was exposed, but in doing so the idea that magic is bigger than the trick became the emphasis – something I wholeheartedly applaud).

The credits say the magic was influenced by the performances of David Copperfield but the magical advice comes from Jonathan Levit and the mentalism adviser was Kieth Barry.

In perusing the film career of Levit I notice his involvement in a 2013 film called Desperate Acts of Magic (yet to be released in the UK but does look very interesting), Unspeakable (2002) and cameos in the X files, War of the Worlds – The Next Wave, and a number of other TV series.

For the magician who likes to think a little more about the meaning and purpose of magic it’s a great film..

For those interested in magic it’s an enjoyable film..

For those who enjoy slickly written, action thrillers with a bit of a twist it’s a must.

For me it’s a 9/10 film


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