It’s All In The Mind


162911_5689262_559295_imageIt’s been a very busy year so far with appearances at numerous Mind Body and Spirit Events (Psychic Entertainment), workshops in Yorkshire and Cornwall and the tour of the new show It’s All In The Mind.


Link this to the academic work I have been doing with Inspire NLP in creating the UK’s first formally accredited NLP courses its been one big roller coaster ride.

Of course I can’t omit the work I’ve been doing with Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick  over the last eighteen months which has involved the creation and delivery of courses on Shamanism and Wicca, each one requiring the production of a 150 – 200 page book a month ….

Now looking forward to a bit of a holiday!

What I find interesting is that there are still some who cannot see the connection between these various facets of my work. For me the Coaching, Counselling, NLP work sits perfectly aside my work in entertainment and links directly to my interest in the mystic and the paranormal.

It’s quite simple really, my interest is in the nature and extent of human experience – from a personal, spiritual and trans-personal perspective.

My adopted title, Rational Mystic, should give the game away I guess.

As an entertainer, the theme of this blog, I see my role as being one of creating moments of wonder which can lead to personal moments of reflection which may result in exploring the limits of personal perception –  simple.


There are three dates left for this years show …

Acorn Theatre, Penzance

15th August

Lane Theatre, Newquay

20th August

Launceston, Town Hall

29th October

Tickets are available from



The show has received some great feedback –  thanks folks.