2016 – First Week

2016 – First Week



The Future begins Now….


So it’s with all the verve and vigour of the New Year that my website has had a bit of a face-lift.


It should now be mobile friendly so let me know if you find any issues.


There are several ambitions for 2016, many of them tied to the work that has been, or is being booked.


Experiences from my Christmas bookings have cemented quite a lot of performance ideas that have been brewing for a few years.
When I arrive at many venues the expectation is that I am a ‘magician’ (in the Paul Daniels or Dynamo sense) so when I present myself as a ‘mentalist’ there is a great opportunity to not only educate my audiences but also re-motivate them and change their often jaded attitude towards what they perceive as the role of ‘the magician’ and the ability this archetype has to motivate, inspire, intrigue, mystify – all emotional responses which are valid goals for the artistic performer.


What makes things interesting for me is the genuine belief that there is a there is a very smooth transition between theatricality, psychology, intuition and (for want of a better word) transpersonal experience. If magic has meaning, other than to fool, amuse and entertain people, then it is to get them to question what we mean by the words ‘reality’ and ‘illusion’ for it is the twilight zone between the two that our perceptions create a personal version of both.


Magicians create experiences not puzzles…







Hello World 2016

Hello World 2016

2016 and fresh look to my website…

Alan_Jones_Mentalist)_Acorn4It was an exciting 2015 which included the ‘Is It All In The Mind’ Theatre Show and two successful ‘Bizarre’ shows at Pengersick Castle, Cornwall (The Conjurations of Dr John Dee and Seance – A Victorian Experience) as well as a series of performances in clubs, hotels, cabaret venues throughout the South West plus a series of lecture presentations and Universities, Colleges and Mind Body & Spirit Festivals.


2016 is shaping-up to be another dynamic year with the new “Tales of Mystery and Imagination’ show planned for the summer, a new show for Pengersick Castle as well as pre-booked lectures and workshops on The Shamanic Tradition, Bardic Story-Telling, Trance, Hypnosis and Altered States, and forthcoming publication of a book on Geomancy (The Divinatory Art) …. and that’s just between now and March.


So, hopefully these pages will develop and grow as I post updates on works, shows, meetings and workshops…



Here;s to a great 2016 for one and all.