The Review’s are In …

  The Review’s are In …   …… and Tales of Mystery & Imagination (Dream within a Dream) was well received.   Here’s a couple of quick reviews    It really was a fantastic night and once again, I walk away thinking ‘how on earth does Alan do that?!’ Thoroughly Read More

Tales of Mystery and Imagination

Tales of Mystery and Imagination   This years show, with the working title Tales of Mystery and Imagination, is in preparation.   It’s both an homage to Edgar Allen Poe and a evening hopefully filled with the usual blend of ‘unusual, uncanny and unearthly’ entertainment.   Dates so far booked Read More

Daily Mail Spoil Sport!

Dynamo uses Tricks … That could have been the lame headline on a yesterdays Daily Mails one page ‘feature’ on Dynamo. Instead they opted for “How does he do it?” Which, perhaps is equally as lame. First of all are good news stories so few and far between that a Read More

Alan Jones Magic 2012

As part of the New Year clear out I have unsubscribed the 3000 + inactive users on this blog.
So If I deleted you in error I apologise..


Greetings folks… HAPPY NEW YEAR I haven’t been able to update this site for sometime … work commitments and the new shows I’ve been putting together seemed to take so much of my time. The new Seance Show worked well and I am now working on bookings for the new Read More

Thinking About Magic

What value magic when all around we see the rise of self-engradising know it all’s who can talk about HOW things are done but lack the discipline and artistry to DO and PERFORM then magic they debase?

The genius Marco Tempest may help you think about magic..

Penn & Teller Fool Us 28th August

I’m not sure if I have missed any of these shows, but as the summer passes into a memory I find that the last show was nearly a month ago. I guess being so busy myself does mean that my TV watching has been limited – hey ho, at least Read More

Penn & Teller Fool Us 30th July 2011

I thought I’d make a quick point for launching in to this weeks ‘blog….

Penn & Teller Fool Us : It may not be apparent, but I write my comments in ‘real time’ as I watch the show. So sometimes I pre-empt things that are said on the show, at other times I’m way off the mark.


This week has been a bit of a crazy one for me. The first Lands End gig of the season saw the new ‘illusion’ based act that I was asked to put together for the venue.

It’s a 45 minute piece containing, amongst other things a ‘Cube Zag’ illusion.

Ok OK , so what is a mentalist doing performing illusions?

Well you must remember that my business card say’s ‘Enigmatist’ and whilst I am mostly a purveyor of mental enigmas I do like to extend myself.