The Review’s are In …

  The Review’s are In …   …… and Tales of Mystery & Imagination (Dream within a Dream) was well received.   Here’s a couple of quick reviews    It really was a fantastic night and once again, I walk away thinking ‘how on earth does Alan do that?!’ Thoroughly Read More

Now You See Me…

So I finally got to see the ‘magic’ movie Now You See Me… The last two movies I saw of any worth that focused on magicians were The Illusionist and The Prestige… both great period pieces and great stories. So I was hoping that this movie would give me the Read More

Ben Earl – Trick Artist

Saw the first programme in Ben Earls new TV series, Trick Artist, last night. It’s going to be interesting to see what the general public think. I was watching it with a ‘muggle’ who, like a majority of TV viewers isn’t easily satisfied with hyperbole and ‘OMG’ reactions of selected Read More

It’s All In The Mind Review

Review Published in The Cornishman 29th November 2012 It was almost standing room only at the Acorn last Friday night. Alan Jones was presenting his show to a widely appreciative, but completely baffled audience. Alan had described his show as “a mixture of psychology, suggestion, intuition and theatricality”. It certainly Read More

Devious Minds

I can’t believe just how quickly time is passing – another cluster of months have gone by and my words have been few and far between on this site. On the plus side my absence as been because of work and not because of anything else… I’m writing now because Read More

The Magicians – Saturday Night Magic

Saturday Night magic returned to the BBC on Saturday 7th Jan. The Magicians LIVE sees a return to the viewer vote and celebrity assistant format of last years shows.

Penn & Teller Fool Us 28th August

I’m not sure if I have missed any of these shows, but as the summer passes into a memory I find that the last show was nearly a month ago. I guess being so busy myself does mean that my TV watching has been limited – hey ho, at least Read More

Penn & Teller Fool Us 30th July 2011

I thought I’d make a quick point for launching in to this weeks ‘blog….

Penn & Teller Fool Us : It may not be apparent, but I write my comments in ‘real time’ as I watch the show. So sometimes I pre-empt things that are said on the show, at other times I’m way off the mark.

Penn & Teller Fool Us : 16th July

Penn & Teller Fool Us : 16th July

Another great show, the quality and expertise of the acts cannot be questioned even if they do not manage to fool Penn and Teller.

My only real gripe I guess would be with they hyperbole and aggrandisement practised by Jonathan Ross. I mean there is no doubt that Penn & Telller are amongst the worlds elite magicians and are therefore part of a small group. Teller is, of course, exceptionally knowledgeable and I would love to be part of a talk on magic with him and Max Maven (recognised as a great performer and historian of magic) or with Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger (recognised for their devotion to the teaching of the art and craft of magic).