Hello World 2016

Hello World 2016 2016 and fresh look to my website… It was an exciting 2015 which included the ‘Is It All In The Mind’ Theatre Show and two successful ‘Bizarre’ shows at Pengersick Castle, Cornwall (The Conjurations of Dr John Dee and Seance – A Victorian Experience) as well as Read More

An Interesting Line Up

An interesting line-up   The Secret World Healing Weekend 10th – 12th July Looking forward to the evening and the event. I will also be running a workshop on Celtic Shamanism on the Sunday – maybe see you there. Alan

Who needs a Sub-Trunk!

Sometimes a magic performance takes your breath away. I remember when I first saw The Pendragons version of metamorphosis… fast wasn’t the word. Breath taking and spellbinding was. Well today I found something which created that some degree of breathless “what the….” that The Pendragons produced. Watch this …

Penn & Teller Fool Us : 23rd July

Penn & Teller Fool Us  : 23rd July Another weekend of prime time magic and more of it please – especially when Jonathan Ross is a little more restrained. Gazzo So Gazzo in control of his language and level of abuse made for a little less fluid of a routine Read More

Penn & Teller Fool Us 25th June

Penn & Teller Fool Us 25th June

I have been looking forward to this all week, Prime Time Magic and of course realising that Penn & Teller wouldn’t disappoint.

Movie Magic…

I’m trying to keep an eye on magic in film, or film about magic and magicians and in doing so I came across this – sounds interesting. From First Showing News pages.. “Clash of the Titans remake director Louis Leterrier would be at the helm of a magician heist thriller Read More

New TV Magic Show

The Magicians So the BBC is aiming to present a new series (possibly presented by Lenny Henry) on Saturday nights in the New Year. The idea seems to be a kind of X-Factor meets Magic Idol with three maqic acts comoeting for audience votes. So when is ever going to Read More