The Review’s are In …


The Review’s are In …



…… and Tales of Mystery & Imagination (Dream within a Dream) was well received.


Here’s a couple of quick reviews


 It really was a fantastic night and once again, I walk away thinking ‘how on earth does Alan do that?!’ Thoroughly entertaining xx thanks to you …

Lunar Lou …. via Facebook 14/08/16


An evening with Alan Jones is always extraordinary. No two performances are ever the same and I was full of excited anticipation as I made my way to St Ives Arts Club last Saturday evening.I was not disappointed. 

Alan had created a show which alluded to the works of Edgar Allen Poe which involved mind reading, acting and “shivers down the spine” moments. 

The audience was astonished, bewildered, amused -there was a great deal of laughter- but most of all, highly entertained. And Alan’s interaction with members of the audience were a delight. 

I cannot wait for the opportunity to spend another spooky and fascinating evening with this unique “magic man”! How does he do what he does? 

I wish I knew!  

Pat Quayle : Review for press



“Oh wow Alan my jaw is still on the floor from your show last night in Penzance.


You have an amazing gift and I can’t believe the things you got that were spot on. I could’ve watched you for hours. If anybody is wondering whether to go to your show I would say DO IT! Life will never be the same again! “

Lisa Grenfell Posted on Facebook … 5/8/16
Since we have had to postpone the show with apologies to those who had booked at The Lane (18th August) we are looking to reschedule in the ‘Dark of the Year’ so watch this space...

Dream within a Dream

Dream within a Dream

Acorn Theatre, Penzance, Cornwall


Many thanks to those who attended the first evening of Dream within a Dream last night at The Acorn, Penzance.

You were a quality audience and it was so nice to be able to interact with you – that’s the nice thing about smaller, intimate shows.

As we explored in the show Edgar Allan Poe is arguably the Master of the Macabre, the Grandfather of Gothic, with his dark tales which have touched and continue to touch the hearts, minds and dreams (nightmares) of those who read hid works.

In response to two questions from last nights show…

a) Where did I get the sound clip of Christopher Lee reading The Raven?

Well it comes from a series of recordings Mr Lee did based on the Edgar Allan Poe stories and poems. Here’s a Youtube clip ..



b) The question about the Poe Toaster…


Well here’s the outline..

Edgar Allan Poe’s Toaster

Each year since 1949 (hundred years after Poes death) on the 19th January (the anniversary of Poe’s birth) a figure dressed in black appears in the Baltimore cemetery where Edgar is buried..
poetoasterwebWith his face hidden beneath a wide-brimmed fedora, the visitor carefully lays a bottle of expensive French cognac and three blood-red roses on the grave before slipping silently into the night.


Occasionally, he leaves a note.


One read simply: “Edgar, I haven’t forgotten you.”


In 2012 the Toaster failed to appear for the second year running – seemingly the ending of this tradition….



The Toaster was never identified and tho’ some claimed to be him, those who had witnessed the Toaster over the decades could tell they were fakes … they were not The Toaster in neither grace nor demeanour.


In 2015 Maryland Historical Society organized a competition to pick someone to take up the mantle. The new Poe Toaster, as the office is known, was selected from among candidates who performed tributes anonymously …


On January 19th 2016 wearing all black with the broad brim of a hat to preserve his anonymity, a man stepped up to Edgar Allan Poe’s gravesite to resurrect the tradition of toasting the long-dead writer on his birthday.






During the homage the Toaster announced …


Cineri gloria sera venit

Fame comes too late to the dead.

There are TWO OPPORTUNITIES left this month to see the Dream within a Dream Show based on the Poems and Stories of Edgar Allan Poe…

13th August  :  The Arts Club St Ives details from Maria 07748 032907

18th August : Lane Theatre, Newquay   Box Office 01637 876945

A Dream Within A Dream


Published 1850

Take this kiss upon the brow!

And, in parting from you now,

Thus much let me avow —

You are not wrong, who deem

That my days have been a dream;

Yet if hope has flown away

In a night, or in a day,

In a vision, or in none,

Is it therefore the less gone?

All that we see or seem

Is but a dream within a dream.




I stand amid the roar

Of a surf-tormented shore,

And I hold within my hand

Grains of the golden sand —

How few! yet how they creep

Through my fingers to the deep,

While I weep — while I weep!

O God! can I not grasp

Them with a tighter clasp?

O God! can I not save

One from the pitiless wave?

Is all that we see or seem

But a dream within a dream?

Healing Weekend, Somerset

Healing Weekend, Somerset

8th, 9th and 10th July 2016




Really pleased to announce that as well as being at this weekend in the Therapy Tent, I will also be running some talks (details to follow) and appearing in the Saturday evening demonstrations.


The proposed promotion for this evening performance is as follows..


Alan Jones – Enigmatist, presenter of mysteries with a demonstration of Total Sensory Perception, the bridge between the intuitive and the psychic; the psychological and the spiritual. From the realm of shadows and stories, myths and magics, sorcerors and sages….


Now there will be some who really don’t see the link between psychic entertainment and the transpersonal therapies I work with.  Perhaps that is because there is, nowadays, a limited view of the role of the magician/shaman and that theatre and therapy are odd bed fellows. Of course this is a point of view – but its not one I share.


We enter into a huge debate here, many of the ideas are explored on my other website or www, Many others have written about this topic – Eugene Burger, Bob Neal, Todd Landman, Paul Voodini. Craig Browning, Jerome Finlay – and the list goes on.


As one group I belong to states :


(there is)  a movement within the world of theatrical magic whose goal is restoration of long lost mystery & intrigue to the craft, restoration of the tradition of keeping secrets, SECRET and freedom of expression when it comes to spiritual and metaphysical views and how we can use magic to further that personal testimony and aspects of faith.


We believe that magic can be used in ways that bring about healing for others be it psychological or spiritual in nature.

We believe that all things are magickal; especially when it comes to the auspices of nature.


and there’s more – but I’ll leave thee quotes there, suffice to say that all magic and magick has a deeper meaning and value and need not be restricted to the world of entertainment. There is educational, healing and spiritual significance in the presentation of emotional charged spectacle – from laughter, to awe, to mystery – its all about mind, body and spirit (in what ever form that is conceived).

The Healing Weekend is held at Secret World in Somerset 


It is a festival of complementary practices, mind, body and spirit healing, music, magick and so much more.For more information about The Healing Weekend you can visit the website :


secretworldSecret World Wildlife Rescue specialises in the rescue, rehabilitation and eventual release of orphaned and injured wild creatures. It is run entirely on donations and runs the only 24 hours wildlife rescue service in the South West of England. In each year approximately 4,000 wild animals are cared for by Secret World Wildlife Rescue. Together with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, they continue to care for all manner of creatures, from the tiniest harvest mice and bats to badgers, swans, foxes, deer and of course otters.



You can find out more about them here … Secret World Website





Tales of Mystery and Imagination

Tales of Mystery and Imagination



This years show, with the working title Tales of Mystery and Imagination, is in preparation.


It’s both an homage to Edgar Allen Poe and a evening hopefully filled with the usual blend of ‘unusual, uncanny and unearthly’ entertainment.


Dates so far booked :


Acorn Theatre, Penzance 4th August


Guild Hall, St Ives TBC : 13th August


Lane Theatre; Newquay : 18th August


And we are exploring dates for Pengersick Castle, Liskeard,, Hayle, St Austell, Weston Super Mare, York …


We are hoping to have the full list of dates and details of ticket purchase early in March.


Stay tuned…









2016 – First Week

2016 – First Week



The Future begins Now….


So it’s with all the verve and vigour of the New Year that my website has had a bit of a face-lift.


It should now be mobile friendly so let me know if you find any issues.


There are several ambitions for 2016, many of them tied to the work that has been, or is being booked.


Experiences from my Christmas bookings have cemented quite a lot of performance ideas that have been brewing for a few years.
When I arrive at many venues the expectation is that I am a ‘magician’ (in the Paul Daniels or Dynamo sense) so when I present myself as a ‘mentalist’ there is a great opportunity to not only educate my audiences but also re-motivate them and change their often jaded attitude towards what they perceive as the role of ‘the magician’ and the ability this archetype has to motivate, inspire, intrigue, mystify – all emotional responses which are valid goals for the artistic performer.


What makes things interesting for me is the genuine belief that there is a there is a very smooth transition between theatricality, psychology, intuition and (for want of a better word) transpersonal experience. If magic has meaning, other than to fool, amuse and entertain people, then it is to get them to question what we mean by the words ‘reality’ and ‘illusion’ for it is the twilight zone between the two that our perceptions create a personal version of both.


Magicians create experiences not puzzles…







Hello World 2016

Hello World 2016

2016 and fresh look to my website…

Alan_Jones_Mentalist)_Acorn4It was an exciting 2015 which included the ‘Is It All In The Mind’ Theatre Show and two successful ‘Bizarre’ shows at Pengersick Castle, Cornwall (The Conjurations of Dr John Dee and Seance – A Victorian Experience) as well as a series of performances in clubs, hotels, cabaret venues throughout the South West plus a series of lecture presentations and Universities, Colleges and Mind Body & Spirit Festivals.


2016 is shaping-up to be another dynamic year with the new “Tales of Mystery and Imagination’ show planned for the summer, a new show for Pengersick Castle as well as pre-booked lectures and workshops on The Shamanic Tradition, Bardic Story-Telling, Trance, Hypnosis and Altered States, and forthcoming publication of a book on Geomancy (The Divinatory Art) …. and that’s just between now and March.


So, hopefully these pages will develop and grow as I post updates on works, shows, meetings and workshops…



Here;s to a great 2016 for one and all.



It’s All In The Mind


162911_5689262_559295_imageIt’s been a very busy year so far with appearances at numerous Mind Body and Spirit Events (Psychic Entertainment), workshops in Yorkshire and Cornwall and the tour of the new show It’s All In The Mind.


Link this to the academic work I have been doing with Inspire NLP in creating the UK’s first formally accredited NLP courses its been one big roller coaster ride.

Of course I can’t omit the work I’ve been doing with Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick  over the last eighteen months which has involved the creation and delivery of courses on Shamanism and Wicca, each one requiring the production of a 150 – 200 page book a month ….

Now looking forward to a bit of a holiday!

What I find interesting is that there are still some who cannot see the connection between these various facets of my work. For me the Coaching, Counselling, NLP work sits perfectly aside my work in entertainment and links directly to my interest in the mystic and the paranormal.

It’s quite simple really, my interest is in the nature and extent of human experience – from a personal, spiritual and trans-personal perspective.

My adopted title, Rational Mystic, should give the game away I guess.

As an entertainer, the theme of this blog, I see my role as being one of creating moments of wonder which can lead to personal moments of reflection which may result in exploring the limits of personal perception –  simple.


There are three dates left for this years show …

Acorn Theatre, Penzance

15th August

Lane Theatre, Newquay

20th August

Launceston, Town Hall

29th October

Tickets are available from



The show has received some great feedback –  thanks folks.


Now You See Me…

NOW YOU SEE MESo I finally got to see the ‘magic’ movie Now You See Me…

The last two movies I saw of any worth that focused on magicians were The Illusionist and The Prestige… both great period pieces and great stories. So I was hoping that this movie would give me the same kind of buzz.

Certainly the plot line was contemporary..

An FBI agent and an Interpol detective track a team of illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money.

And the only other recent movie I can think of having a magician/FBI plot was the entertaining NEXT,  with Nicholas Cage.

So what about Now You See Me..

Well it tells the story of four individual performers brought together in a rather interesting way to work on a ‘show’.

Calling themselves The Four Horsemen (great idea) they then perform a number of shows the climax of which is the theft of money and sharing it with the audience.

To tell you any more could be seen as a plot spoiler so I’ll leave it at that.

BUT – I will say I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

It’s fairly faced paced…

Director Louis Leterrier (of Transporter 2, Unleashed, Clash of the Titans and Incredible Hulk (yes the superior Edward Norton version)) choreographs some great action sequences and creates a sense of what a big budget Las Vegas Magic show ‘could’ be like.

I really liked the magic performance sequences non of which were beyond the realms of physical possibility – in terms of being able to recreate on stage.

The opening sequence features an audience participation effect which made a number of people in the cinema audience to gasp. Simple stuff which we magicians have seen a number of times and sometimes forget the power of.

There was also very ‘little’ magic exposure (ok the ‘mirror box’ was exposed, but in doing so the idea that magic is bigger than the trick became the emphasis – something I wholeheartedly applaud).

The credits say the magic was influenced by the performances of David Copperfield but the magical advice comes from Jonathan Levit and the mentalism adviser was Kieth Barry.

In perusing the film career of Levit I notice his involvement in a 2013 film called Desperate Acts of Magic (yet to be released in the UK but does look very interesting), Unspeakable (2002) and cameos in the X files, War of the Worlds – The Next Wave, and a number of other TV series.

For the magician who likes to think a little more about the meaning and purpose of magic it’s a great film..

For those interested in magic it’s an enjoyable film..

For those who enjoy slickly written, action thrillers with a bit of a twist it’s a must.

For me it’s a 9/10 film


See : IMDb