Healing Weekend, Somerset

Healing Weekend, Somerset

8th, 9th and 10th July 2016




Really pleased to announce that as well as being at this weekend in the Therapy Tent, I will also be running some talks (details to follow) and appearing in the Saturday evening demonstrations.


The proposed promotion for this evening performance is as follows..


Alan Jones – Enigmatist, presenter of mysteries with a demonstration of Total Sensory Perception, the bridge between the intuitive and the psychic; the psychological and the spiritual. From the realm of shadows and stories, myths and magics, sorcerors and sages….


Now there will be some who really don’t see the link between psychic entertainment and the transpersonal therapies I work with.  Perhaps that is because there is, nowadays, a limited view of the role of the magician/shaman and that theatre and therapy are odd bed fellows. Of course this is a point of view – but its not one I share.


We enter into a huge debate here, many of the ideas are explored on my other website www.dralanjones.com or www,alanmoonbear.com Many others have written about this topic – Eugene Burger, Bob Neal, Todd Landman, Paul Voodini. Craig Browning, Jerome Finlay – and the list goes on.


As one group I belong to states :


(there is)  a movement within the world of theatrical magic whose goal is restoration of long lost mystery & intrigue to the craft, restoration of the tradition of keeping secrets, SECRET and freedom of expression when it comes to spiritual and metaphysical views and how we can use magic to further that personal testimony and aspects of faith.


We believe that magic can be used in ways that bring about healing for others be it psychological or spiritual in nature.

We believe that all things are magickal; especially when it comes to the auspices of nature.


and there’s more – but I’ll leave thee quotes there, suffice to say that all magic and magick has a deeper meaning and value and need not be restricted to the world of entertainment. There is educational, healing and spiritual significance in the presentation of emotional charged spectacle – from laughter, to awe, to mystery – its all about mind, body and spirit (in what ever form that is conceived).

The Healing Weekend is held at Secret World in Somerset 


It is a festival of complementary practices, mind, body and spirit healing, music, magick and so much more.For more information about The Healing Weekend you can visit the website : www.thehealingweekend.co.uk/


secretworldSecret World Wildlife Rescue specialises in the rescue, rehabilitation and eventual release of orphaned and injured wild creatures. It is run entirely on donations and runs the only 24 hours wildlife rescue service in the South West of England. In each year approximately 4,000 wild animals are cared for by Secret World Wildlife Rescue. Together with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, they continue to care for all manner of creatures, from the tiniest harvest mice and bats to badgers, swans, foxes, deer and of course otters.



You can find out more about them here … Secret World Website





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