Real Magick

Real Magick



Magick has been defined as the Art and Science of Bringing About Change in Accordance With Will


If we accept this definition than any act of ‘will’ or ‘intention’ is a magical act.


There are several worlds of magic. The glittering world of the illusionist; the flippant world of the conjuror and the world of the ‘real magician’ manifesting change, summoning supernatural entities – the stuff of stories and legend.


The truth is that Magic is Real and Magicians do work to understand their relationship with themselves, others and the Cosmos. In this context all ART can raise questions about the human experience and so even trickery has a place in this consideration.


merlin2So we’re not really talking about the Disney-esque view of magic (as entertaining and emotionally absorbing as that can be), but the very real exploration of the nature of self and consciousness. Whilst the rationalists and scientist can, and should, continue to explore the nature of objective experience the mystic and magician is free to explore their personal, subjective experience. Truth, such as it is, possibly lies at the boundary of these two different (yet complimentary) ways of questioning the Cosmos.


I have written much elsewhere, and the consciousness or Rational Mystic debate often appears in writing on The Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick and Dr Alan Jones websites.


What is worth mentioning here, however, is that despite the labels ‘entertainer’ and ‘entertainment’ feature consistently on this site, some of my more ‘intuitive’ and ‘shamanic’ work is influenced by my path through the realms of the esoteric. Apart from being an Arch-Druid within the Reformed Druids of Gaia, I am also a member of the Centre for Shamanic Studies and several mystery schools including B.O.T.A. and The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.



So when it comes to Intuitive (Psychic Readings) and work with symbolic systems such as The Tarot, there is something more than simple ‘entertainment’ going on. All readings (whether they be Intuitive, Psychic or Mediumistic) need to have, in my view, an alchemical and transformational aspect to them. They are dialogues, not monologues, in which symbolism and metaphor are used to access the unconscious associations which allow for old stories to be told an new stories of be woven.


Perhaps we need to consider one more definition of Magick which, perhaps, will help us reflect upon the nature of real magick…


“Magick is a comprehensive knowledge of all nature”

(Francis Barrett – The Magus)




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