The Review’s are In …


The Review’s are In …



…… and Tales of Mystery & Imagination (Dream within a Dream) was well received.


Here’s a couple of quick reviews


 It really was a fantastic night and once again, I walk away thinking ‘how on earth does Alan do that?!’ Thoroughly entertaining xx thanks to you …

Lunar Lou …. via Facebook 14/08/16


An evening with Alan Jones is always extraordinary. No two performances are ever the same and I was full of excited anticipation as I made my way to St Ives Arts Club last Saturday evening.I was not disappointed. 

Alan had created a show which alluded to the works of Edgar Allen Poe which involved mind reading, acting and “shivers down the spine” moments. 

The audience was astonished, bewildered, amused -there was a great deal of laughter- but most of all, highly entertained. And Alan’s interaction with members of the audience were a delight. 

I cannot wait for the opportunity to spend another spooky and fascinating evening with this unique “magic man”! How does he do what he does? 

I wish I knew!  

Pat Quayle : Review for press



“Oh wow Alan my jaw is still on the floor from your show last night in Penzance.


You have an amazing gift and I can’t believe the things you got that were spot on. I could’ve watched you for hours. If anybody is wondering whether to go to your show I would say DO IT! Life will never be the same again! “

Lisa Grenfell Posted on Facebook … 5/8/16
Since we have had to postpone the show with apologies to those who had booked at The Lane (18th August) we are looking to reschedule in the ‘Dark of the Year’ so watch this space...

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